The Clifton Learning Partnership is a Company Limited by guarantee with no share capital (Company No. 7566749) and a Registered Charity (Charity registration No. 1142675). Both were incorporated in 2011.

The Company and Charity has evolved from over twelve years of work with the Clifton Learning Community of schools initially as an Education Action Zone, with, in addition, a multi-disciplinary Behaviour Improvement Programme Team, which included roles such as Community Development Tutor, Family Learning Tutor, and Mental Health Practitioner. As the political climate changed in 2010 the key stakeholders at the time; the Head Teachers from the nine schools with whom the EAZ worked, requested that the prudently managed funds from the time of the EAZ be invested into the local community in the most sustainable way possible, in order to help and develop the local community to be stronger, more resilient and to have equality of opportunity. They recognised our ability to work with key agencies outside the education structures to provide additionality for families and children beyond the school gates. In 2011 the Clifton Learning Partnership charity was formed. We are intensely proud of our ability to change, grow and develop; responding to a rapidly changing political climate; and continuing to address the presenting need in a form that is most appropriate. We have always been innovative and taken opportunities. Our practice as an EAZ was celebrated nationally, and it was at this time that we developed our highly successful EAZMAG, which we now sell nationally, with all profits coming to Clifton Learning Partnership.

In November 2014 we obtained, on licence from the Council, Eastwood Village Community Centre, and in April 2017 we signed a lease for 20 years for the Centre. In addition, RMBC have asked us to also take a 20 year lease for the community building and associated land adjacent to EVCC. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop our offer and support the local community.

Although other services do offer good service provision to members of the Roma community in Rotherham, I have not witnessed elsewhere the level of engagement provided by CLP

Donna Peach | Lecturer in Social Work & Principle Investigator, University of Salford

"I now feel more confident"
"I feel more indepedent"
"If it wasn't for you we'd have nowhere to go; thanks to you we can get the help we need"
"If it wasn't for Job Club and the help from staff at CLP, I'd never be able to find such a good job. I love working in school serving breakfast to children. Thank you"

Community members

Eastwood village is the poorest community in Rotherham where partnership working is essential to ensure community regeneration. I am impressed with the way Clifton Learning Partnership has taken on this challenge as a key local anchor organisation working collaboratively both with statutory and voluntary bodies and with members of the local community.

Steve Ruffle | Chief Executive Officer, Rotherham Federation of the Communities

Clifton Learning Partnership have been invaluable to the Children's Centre; their knowledge of Roma culture, understanding of family fears and the trust that they have established within the local community has broken down barriers. This will support more Roma children to be 'school ready'.

Anita Butcher | Head, Coleridge Children's Centre

Barnarrdo's Reachout has been extremely grateful for the support provided by Clifton Learning Partnership. Their specialist knowledge and skills, along with their existing level of engagement with the children and families of Eastwood, have been invaluable in helping the ReachOut team identify and support children and young people who may become vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Karen Goddard | Children's Services Manager, Barnardo's East Region

CLP have been crucial in putting the community at the heart of the work in Eastwood. they have been professional in working with public agencies to address local concerns and we look forward to a continuing partnership in the long term.

Cllr Emma Hoddintt | RMBC Cabinet Member for Waste, Roads and Community Safety

Despite the organisation being small and reliant on funding, there is always a willingness to collaborate with early help to support positive outcomes in the community and, as a result of this, families in the locality are better supported. Children and families speak highly of CLP and describe it as a safe and welcoming place where they can go for help and support.

Susan Clayton | Head of Services, Early Help & Family Engagement

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